Google Careers Montreal

Google Careers Montreal

Google Careers Montreal. The second-largest city in Canada in terms of population is Montreal, which is a well-developed city. With excellent employment prospects across the board, this city has also established itself as the second-largest metropolitan region in the nation. We talk about Google Careers Montreal here.

There are a tonne of other wonderful destinations that individuals can visit to satisfy their desire to view stunning places. The largest city in the Canadian province of Quebec is Montreal ( a province of Canada).

Although French is the official language, several locals regularly use English to interact with visitors. However, 58.5% of the population speaks both French and English fluently. Before 2019, it was the 12th most populous city in Canada. However, after COVID-19’s pandemic years, its ranking fell to number 40.

Google Careers Montreal job :

Therefore, we are prepared to go find the relevant Google jobs for you and key links so that you can apply directly to the company. Read the eligibility requirements and required qualifications, then click the link to view the complete job description.

Let’s get started now:

There are a total of nine jobs available in Montreal offered by Google with the following descriptions:

  1. Senior Software Developer, Security/Privacy, Google Cloud Security and Privacy
  • Location: Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Job Status: In-office
  • Qualifications: bachelor’s degree or practical experience equivalent to this, proficiency in Computer programming languages, master’s or Ph.D. degree will gain priority.
  • Experience: 5 years and 3 years of experience with software development, maintaining the software product, selling and buying skills
  1. Program Manager, Data Center Construction (English, French)
  • Location: Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Job Status: In-office
  • Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in industrial, Mechanical, or Electrical Engineering plus full experience.
  • Experience: at least 8 years of experience with practical proficiency, writing, and understanding of both languages ( English and French)
  • Job Description: Work as a program manager to resolve all the issues, and test and list the risks that are going to be in the respective projects.
  • Apply on:
  1. Enterprise Field Sales Representative, Google Cloud
  • Location: Montreal, QC, Canada-Toronto, ON, Canada-Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Job Status: In-office
  • Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree, seven years spent in some technical site to sell and buy websites and products.
  • Experience: 5 years of experience in creating relationships with all enterprise customers
  • Job Description: leverage existing relationships with C-level executives, to play the role of a trustworthy partner to help customers sign deals with Google.
  • Apply on:

  1. STEP Intern, Summer 2023
  •  Location: Montreal, QC, Canada-Toronto, ON, Canada-Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Job Status: full time
  • Deadline: Before Monday, October 31st, 2022
  • Qualifications: first or second-year student of bachelor’s degree in IT or computer science or any related field like mass communication
  • Preferred Qualification: a bachelor’s student who will return after two years of study left, and the one having the stamina to attend 12 weeks of workshops and internship.
  • Job Description: Student Training Program is meant to regularly attend the internship 12 weeks program, from June to September 2023 continuously. The workshop focuses on filling the gap between professionalism and academic levels.
  • Apply on:

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