Easerat Episode 65 with english subtitle

Easerat Episode 65 with english subtitle

Easerat Episode 65 with english subtitle released on Friday, March 10. Watch Esaret 65th episode trailer and here is the summary on March 10th

Esaret 65th episode trailer has been released! What will happen in the 65th episode of Esaret? The slavery series continues with its new episodes. Esaret will air on Friday, March 10, with its 65th episode. What happened in the last episode of Esaret, what will happen in the new episode of Esaret? Here are the details in the summary of the 65th episode of Esaret…

Easerat Episode 65 with english subtitle

Here is what will happen on Friday, March 10th in Esaret. Esaret 65 episode viewing details, which is among the most loved and most followed series of Kanal 7 screens, are with you. Are the bells of separation starting to ring in the series of Esaret? Are Orhun and Hira leaving? Orhun plans to free Hira, but on the other hand, his heart begins to hurt. Exciting episode details in Esaret series…

Excitement is at its peak in the series of Esaret. Orhun and Hira’s love seems to begin at this separation stage. If Orhun really found Hira’s aunt and is going to entrust Hira to her, we can say that Orhun’s story begins next. Even though Orhun has a conscience at the moment, when he gets away from Hira, he will feel how attached he is to her. Orhun will remember Hira every time he comes to his room, every time he drinks coffee. Orhun will slowly feel your heartbeat. Of course, these details are the scenes that will happen when Hira leaves the house.

If we think about the possibilities of the next episode in the slave series, he can still take Hira and leave. We can also think about the possibility that your aunt will be stingy. Still, if he starts behaving badly to Hira, it seems likely that Orhun will pull Hira and bring her back to the mansion. Orhun and Hira’s caravan adventure started quite well. The audience loved this trailer trip. The scenes where Hira smiles sincerely for the first time warmed our hearts. Orhun, on the other hand, was sad because he would experience the pain of separation in these scenes.

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