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A Story About The Power Of Experience

A Story About The Power Of Experience

A mother and her only kid are the subjects of this story about the power of experience. The young man becomes ill unexpectedly and cannot recover due to a variety of factors. The mother is at a loss for what to do until she seeks guidance from a knowledgeable man.

A Story About The Power Of Experience

The story we’re telling you today about the power of experience takes place in a faraway land, where a lady lives with her only child. The mother was a widow, and her sole reason for being was her sixteen-year-old son, who gave her all the strength she needed to face life.

The mother was able to rely on a modest income. He did make a living mending clothes, which he excelled at. She had a lot of clients, and although she had to work from dawn to sunset sometimes, she was happy because she could give her kid all he needed.

One day, more consumers than usual showed up, according to this anecdote about the value of experience. The woman had to get up before the sun rose and retire to bed when it was already morning. Regardless, he was content. More clients and work meant more money in the bank.

A Story About The Power Of Experience

Unexpected circumstances

The woman got far more money after completing the work than before. She was able to replace her old furnishings and purchase clothing for herself and her children. He even gave her money so she could do something she couldn’t normally afford.

Exotic fruits, ham from outlying regions, pheasants, quail, and even a huge quantity of venison are all on the menu. The youngster was delighted because he enjoyed tasting different foods.


The young man became ill after a week of eating these treats. He was appalled, and his stomach hurt a lot. His mother urged him not to binge, but he couldn’t help himself. As a result, the days went by with no signs of improvement.

A medical exam is required.

The mother became concerned because she had no idea how to address the matter. In truth, he had no idea if his son had been poisoned or if he had suffered from acute indigestion as a result of overeating. As a result, she decided to take him to the doctor to get his opinion.

The doctor gave the kid a thorough examination. Simultaneously, his mother informed him of his son’s recent binge eating and detailed all of his consumed things and in what quantities.

The situation was simple to comprehend, according to the doctor. It was just a case of overeating malaise. It was also a simple solution: the boy would have to fast for a week. All he had to do was drink water and eat fruit.

He would get better if he followed his advice. The child, on the other hand, was apprehensive. He binge-watched again when he got home. The mother was then informed that a wise guy lived in the highlands.

A Story About The Power Of Experience

The story of the power of experience comes to a close.

He requested that they locate the wise man and inform him of the issue. Perhaps he could advise you on convincing the young man to stop eating and improve his health.

The neighbors reappeared after a few days. They then told her what the wise man had taught them, namely that following the doctor’s recommendations was the best course of action. The wise man also predicted that even if the young man knew the remedy, he would persist in his behavior, so he and his mother would have to travel to the wise man’s cabin in exactly one week.

The woman told her son everything, but he didn’t care. Of course, he proceeded to eat and feel ill, as was his routine. A week later, the mother packed her belongings and headed for the mountains with her son. He thought he’d be able to come up with a workable answer.

When the woman arrived at the sage’s home, she asked him what he should do. “Fast for a week,” the sage said. The woman was let down. He thought he had squandered his time. “I can’t fast. It’s impossible,” the child said.

“Yes, it is feasible too fast,” the sage said. Since I heard you would introduce yourself, I’ve been fasting for a week.” The young man felt humiliated and began fasting without hesitation, and his condition improved after a week.

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